Navigating Our Way is the national movement evolving traditional schooling to give our students the opportunity, support, and resources to pursue their passions in the tradesand a shot at success in the decades to come.


The Plan

  • Expand successful models of education that leverage each student's interests into practical and valuable skills in order to develop their sense of identity, confidence, and purpose.
  • Build one-to-one relationships between students and mentors, so students can acquire hands-on and collaborative working skills.

  • Connect students to a larger community of practice so they can develop critical networks for building social, professional, and economic capital

The Goals

Navigating Our Way will invigorate work in and outside schools around the skilled trades through:

  • Encouraging young people to follow their interests and change the perception of who can go into the trades

  • Broadening the definition of what is smart by showing that the trades are an equally robust and intellectually rigorous life pathway

  • Showing the civic value of people being part of the general society, and how they contribute and give back.

Our Vision

  • We imagine a day when the stigma around the trades has vanished, and all educational pathways are appreciated and properly resourced.
  • We envision an educational system that prioritizes the student’s interests to help them navigate successful personal and professional journeys.

  • We hope for an end to the “college-for-all” mindset, which leads many young people into an academic pathway that often results in few skills and crippling debt.

  • We are excited by a growing movement of kindred spirits who have embraced more creative and effective models of learning for students looking to pursue their interests.

  • We know that one day, if we take corrective measures, we will successfully tackle today’s alarming gap of skilled workers, ensuring a vibrant U.S. economy dependent on this critical workforce.